Bahri Gardens

D. General


- Water softener station 60 m3/day (Culligan Specifications)
- Adequate water storage
- Fire detection & prevention (Ziton or equivalent), hose reel cabinets (European specifications)
- Collective antenna & satellite dish ((Herchmann or equivalent)
- Automatic gates (Gibidi or equivalent)
- CCTV monitoring system (Sony or equivalent)
- Videophone (Amplyvox or equivalent)
- EPABX telephone system (Panasonic or equivalent), intercom between all units
- Lightning protection, earthing / grounding
- Ventilation and Smoke management system for basement
- Automatic Irrigation system for common gardens
- Electrical Transformers & Meters rooms in basement (E.DL.)
- Provision of facilities for 24 hours security maintenance & porterage